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Digital Advertising & PR

Our team has over 11 years of experience managing millions of dollars in digital advertising across hundreds of satisfied clients.

It’s no secret that the only true way to take maximum advantage of your market is to advertise through highly targeted Google and Social Media Ads (known as PPC, or Pay Per Click). While we can produce amazing results for small business with top-of-the-line organic efforts, nothing can compare to the vast, proven targeting depth offered through tools like Google AdWords and Facebook (the two most sophisticated advertising platforms in the world).

Virtually any business can benefit from these approaches as there is now more data on the general public than ever before, allowing advertisers to carve out precise audiences that are statistically most likely to convert into customers or leads. Our advertising services give you everything required from start to finish including Ad Design, Ad Copy, Targeting Strategies, Bid Strategies, Landing Page Development, and In-Depth Analysis across the following platforms:

• Google AdWords (In-Search ads, Display Network/Website ads, and YouTube)

• Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter Ad Campaigns

• Google Analytics & Call Tracking (in-depth insight and reporting into what's working, what isn't, and why)

• Email Campaigns (Content, Templates, Autoresponder Campaigns) *essential for most sales or lead funnels! 

Our Top Industries

Don't pay for R&D! Hiring any advertising firm without extensive experience in your industry results in months if not years of testing countless ads, targeting, and landing page combinations before ever seeing profit. After over a decade of focus in the legal and real estate markets across the country, we can easily bring you profitable results with our statistically proven Google ad campaigns:


Family Law • Criminal Defense • Personal Injury & more

With over 50 satisfied attorneys and counting, our team continues to dominate in these markets having managed millions of dollars in Google adspend for this niche alone. We will deliver consistent results no matter where your practice is located! [Data Examples]

Real Estate House Flipping (Cash Buyers)

Much like our success in the legal industry, we have spent many years on R&D in effort to fine-tune the best possible ad copy, targeting, and landing page combinations proven to resonate with distressed home sellers. Our industry-leading ads package outperformed the top LA Homevestors® budget by 1100%! [Read More]



Every market and business is unique, requiring different strategies and methods in order to adapt to your specific goals and needs. If you require professional, experienced, and effective digital advertising of any kind, please don't hesitate to reach out for a free consult via this form,, or 323.334.0068 so we can discuss your needs and how we can work together!