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Proven Google Ads for Real Estate Flipping

For the past eight years we’ve utilized our team's combined real estate marketing experience to develop a proven Google ads system that has been rigorously tested by a new flip brand with no existing clientele or reputation. Our ads topped the marketing budget of a leading Los Angeles HomeVestors® franchise by over 1100% as the primary source of leads, with less than 5% of their monthly spend. We additionally had the opportunity to work with two award-winning ad specialists thanks to our affiliation with Google, so after extensive R&D these Adwords campaigns are statistically proven to bring compelling results that can outperform any medium, especially older methods like mailers and cold calls.

Market research is an industry in itself - it often takes years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve systems that yield superior ROI, especially if you don’t have an experienced marketing team. We’ve already done all of this for your precise demographic and business structure with industry-leading results in one of the most competitive RE markets in the world (LA). On average, our results consistently yield a flip deal for a marketing spend of $1550. The unique aspect of these ads is that they aren’t dependent on cheesy slogans or mottos, they simply follow proven marketing fundamentals that resonate with distressed sellers. Since the ads are not brand or location specific, this funnel can be repeated in virtually any market with consistent results. 

The Data Speaks for Itself

We can provide extensive data analyses backing up our development process and cost per lead, conversion, and deal acquired alongside the LA HomeVestors® budget comparison. As we want the style and tone of the ads to stay unique thus retaining their effectiveness, we are only offering a very limited number of packages to each state. If you have a solid Adwords team already, no problem! We’re offering to provide our final ad copy/keyword combinations and they’ll know exactly what to do so you can get the ads running right away for quick results. Otherwise, if you need help with ad setup we have you covered - we can even develop a high converting landing page to fit your business.

Find Motivated Sellers Now!

Send us a message here or via email at, or give us a ring at 323.334.0068 and we'll be in touch right away to discuss our packages and address any questions you may have, in addition to sending over our comprehensive Google Analytics reports.